FKT: Will Harmon - Little Blue Trace Trail (MO) - 2015-03-21

Route Variation
out & back
Finish Date
Time (duration)
4h 33m 15s

I finished the Little Blue Trace Trail FKT on Saturday March the 21st. I finished in 4:33:15 and also used my car as an aid station parked at the same parking lot I believe. I ran the Southern end as an out and back and then the Northern end as an out and back.

Currently there is construction going on around the Lee's Summit Road bridge over the trail so the trail is shutdown there. I had to run through the construction zone and couldn't run under the bridge on the trail so I had to run up onto the road and then back down onto the trail through some weeds. In the picture I took of the Lee's Summit bridge, I ran off to the left up the hill to the road just in front of where I was standing which is kinda hard to see in the picture.

Like Mark said, there is no water so either stash it or carry what you'll need. But also be ready for the heat because I thought the trail was hardly shaded and I could feel the heat start to effect me by the end. I can't figure out how to include pictures on here so I'm including a link to my blog. It's