FKT: Willie McBride - Portland Trifecta (OR) - 2021-05-16

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21h 13m 45s

On Sunday, May 16th, I completed a big goal I've had for some years now--a trio of challenges I dubbed the Portland Trifecta: to climb Wy'east (Mt Hood), Mt Defiance, and foot travel the 30 mile Wildwood trail all in a single push! ~50 miles and 13,000 ft of climbing, ticking off Portland's iconic mountain/Oregon's highest point, tagging the biggest climb/highest peak in the world-class Columbia Gorge, and traversing Portland's Forest Park via the beloved Wildwood Trail.

I started later than hoped after needing to get some rest after volunteering at @gobeyondracing's Smith Rock 50k on Saturday and didn't start the day at Timberline parking lot until 4:30 am. Here are the numbers:

Wy'east round trip 3:57
Defiance round trip 4:14
Wildwood end to end 8:14

Total time on feet: 16 hours, 25 min
Total elapsed time: 21 hours, 13 min

Major thanks to @matthewcampbellbar for the support, good times on Defiance, and late night pacing and to @yassinediboun for surprising me in the forest with Coke and snacks and good music and energy when I needed it most!! Another wonderful experience together, huge gratitude. Such an amazing day! I'm excited for others to take on this challenge, fast or slow.