Route: Portland Trifecta (OR)

Submitted by WyeastWillie on Mon, 06/14/2021 - 05:57pm
Oregon, US
50 mi
Vertical Gain
13,000 ft

This challenge takes on three of Portland, Oregon's most iconic outdoor objectives:

1) Climbing Wy'east (Mt. Hood)--Oregon's tallest peak.  Out and back from Timberline Lodge parking lot.  ~7.3 miles, 5,200 ft.  

2) Ascending Mt. Defiance--the highest peak in the Columbia River Gorge.  Out and back on Mt. Defiance Trail from Starvation Ridge parking lot ~12.6 miles, 4,900 ft.

3) Foot traveling the Wildwood Trail--Portland's beloved long trail in Forest Park.  Point to point from Newberry Rd. to the Portland Zoo, or reverse.  ~30 miles, 2,900 ft.

This is link-up can be done in any order; time starts upon leaving the first trailhead and ends upon arriving at the last.  There's ~1-1.5 hours of driving in between the 3 objectives.  So get after it, be safe and have fun, and enjoy some of the best that Oregon has to offer!