FKT: Wilson Ruotolo, Brian Rohr - Mauna Kea (Ascent from Kona) - 2023-07-16

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Standard route
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23h 50m 17s

Same as our original posting for the route. Didn't realize we logged the FKT part separately. We did it self-supported, starting in the evening around 6pm and finishing in the evening the next day. The first part of the run had a bit of traffic, but then after that it was quite peaceful and awesome to do a lot at night, under the stars. Also highly recommend trying to time the top portion to be in the afternoon due to the elevation dropping the temperature so much. We ran the whole route as a duo, resupplying with food/water caches we placed the day before ~5 miles apart. This much cached nutrition was probably excessive, but it provided a nice boost of extra confidence in our supplies.