FKT: Witt "El Matador" Wisebram - AT through Shenandoah National Park (VA) - 2020-09-08

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1d 5h 37m 53s

Hey Ya'll - Spending the day recovering in Front Royal, but I was able to set a new unsupported FKT of 29h37min53s! I was unbelievably fortunate with the weather and quality of the water sources. It was a beautiful and challenging experience. I really wanted to go sub-30 and was somehow able to put together a strong push over the last 20 miles or so, although that last tryptic of Hogbabck, Mount Marshall, and Compton Peak almost did me in. I'm actually the Northern VA Ridgerunner on the AT for the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club, so the section between the park boundary and Hwy. 522 is part of my weekly patrol, and I knew I could make up some time there. It's never felt that hard before thought, lol! Anyways, sending the FKT info now to make it official, but thanks to everyone on this page for their advice and inspiration! As always thanks to Pete and Buzz and the whole team for all the hard work they do and for nurturing this community! I'll be posting a more detailed report on social media after some rest and reflection. @elmatador.witt