FKT: Wouter Huitzing - Krijtlandpad (Netherlands) - 2022-07-02

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9h 44m 31s

It was a very hot day, and due to leaving from home with public transport, I couldn't start till 08.45, so I ran in all the heat of the day. As it was unsupported I packed all gear, food and 3,25L (3L of water and a soda). Which gave me a heavy pack to start of with. During the run I only used public open water sources to refill and I really needed them.  With temperatures rising to about 26°.

Untill 65km all went smooth and average was above 10k/h, but at that time the heat took its tol and speed dropped dramatically. In the last 10k I refound some speed, but the tarmac in Maastricht was burning hot.

Between the 3 countriespoint and Valkenburg there were some problems with the GPX. I ended up bushwacking, hit a dead-end and some minor problems. I took the GPX from the FKT site, but I recommend google for the latest version. I reckon this cost me about 10m, but it gave me some adventure.