Route: Krijtlandpad (Netherlands)

Submitted by DaanNieuwenhuis on Wed, 03/03/2021 - 01:18pm
92 km
Vertical Gain
1,800 m

The 'Krijtlandpad' is perhaps the king of the Zuid-Limburg long distance trails, and is one of the most hilly trails in the Netherlands. During this route you will pass the most beautiful places that Zuid-Limburg has to offer. It is a valley landscape, created millions of years ago by rivers that made their way through the Cretaceous Plateau. This created a landscape with an abundance of valleys, steep slopes and meandering streams. 

  • The route officially starts and ends at Maastricht station, however some have started in villages on the route. 
  • It is marked with yellow-red signs in both directions.
  • One can run it in either direction, but is normally run anti-clockwise.

It is also among the first routes to be run for FKT-rankings in the Netherlands, initiated by The first known fastest time dates back to 2013. In 2020 the trail has been updated in some sections, making the route longer with an additional 2 kilometer.