FKT: Wyatt Stevens - HURL: Hyalite Ultimate Ridge Linkup (MT) - 2022-08-11

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8h 39m 34s

Super fun day out in the hills! I loved getting to summit a bunch of new peaks in the Hyalite area. My day started in the rain and the first 3 hours or so it was on and off windy/rainy. By the time I hit Fridley it had cleared mostly. Saw noone except a bunch of goats, a few elk, and many pika.
The route was phenomenal and the few off ridge sections seem logical. A full direct ridgeline traverse would be a fun challenge! I took a slight detour from Austin's original route after summiting Blackmore; rather than back-tracking along the trail I continued along the ridge and descended into the basin to regain the trail. This felt in keeping with the original intention of the route, it was slightly more direct, thus faster and shorter, though not substantially.
Would highly recommend this route, its technical nature may deter some but there are very few sections of 4th class, and even less with exposure. The major technical crux is the loose and precipitous descents at various points.