Podcast: Episode 100: The Century Podcast - our 100th! All four Founders discuss what's new.


What's new, cool, and coming?  Find out on our 100th podcast, with the four people supporting what you do.

Peter: "I really like our new Regional Editors, because it's building a community. They know more about their area than I do.

Jeff: "We've seen a 500% increase in traffic, which required upgrades to the Maps, the Forms, the storage, everything.  It's always all about the improving the user experience."

Craig: "I put out a Newsletter every Monday, and it's incredible trying to select the FKTs to highlight. This week Alyssa Godesky and Sarah Keyes did the Adirondack 46ers at the same time, but starting a different trailheads - it was like a friendly socially distanced race."

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FKTs in the news:

Five Thirty Eight documents the increase in FKT's with great graphics in, "Canceled Races Aren’t Stopping Endurance Athletes From Setting Wild New Records."

National Public Radio aired a 4 minute interview on FKTs, "Alone in the Wild: Endurance Runs Gain Popularity."

Outside Magazine hops on the bandwagon with "The Enduring Appeal of the Fastest Known Time."

Podium Runner says, "FKT: the Pandemic Proof Challenge."

Colorado Sun describes, "Without the burden of races, Colorado’s long-distance runners are shattering trail records."

Full CV

Fastest Known Time

  • 10/27/2017 - Peter Bakwin, Buzz Burrell, Jeff Schuler form Fastest Known Time LLC
  • 3/272018 - fastestknowntime.com goes live!
  • 9/15/2018 - First podcast (Anton Krupicka)
  • 8/28/2020 - 100th podcast


  • Peter Bakwin - Verifies and processes all Routes and FKTs!
  • Buzz Burrell - Podcast, answers web questions, annoys partners by suggesting we add age groups and other sports
  • Jeff Schuler - All web design and development
  • Craig Randall - Esteemed Sound Engineer, newsletter, social media

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Maybe the FKT of the Year season could be paired with the fastest known funding drive!?!

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Notifications = yes please!  This is the only thing I miss from the old site.  Thank you for putting it near the top of the priority list.