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Will Porter on Navaho Peak, photo by Matthias Messner

We are now maintaining over 3,700 routes, keep track of over 6,000 Athletes, and have reviewed and uploaded 9,464 FKTs!  This is all done manually, by a person just like you.  We produce a podcast every week, publish articles, and organize the Fastest Known Time of the Year Awards.  FOR FREE.  It's almost unbelievable: everything is available to anyone at no charge.

Please kick in - support this project.  You are why this website exists, and you can keep it going.  The Internet is not free.

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“FKTs have become my new obsession. When I race, I pay a race fee. FKTs are 'free' but I appreciate what you are doing so much. So, from here on out, whenever I achieve a new FKT, I'm going to make a donation, much a like a race entry fee, to help continue this super rad thing you've got going. Thank you!”

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