Podcast: Episode 107: Dr Dirtbag - is he a real doctor, and how did he bag 18 big FKTs?


Sean O'Rourke defended his PhD thesis in 2009 (so he is a doctor) and instead of starting a job, immediately moved into is car so he could climb more mountains (thus he's a legit dirtbag too).  And those 18 FKTs?

"I’m a so-so runner and climber who has found a niche and focused on it."

Nice work Sean!  Dr Dirtbag has since written a book, bike-packed in South America, and ... lives out of a slightly larger car.

"I am pretty good at objectives with: (1) enough climbing to keep the runners away; (2) enough running to keep the climbers away; and (3) no money to be made."


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Sean O'Rourke

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