Podcast: Episode 111: Michael Geisler: Answers from our Regional Editor in Innsbruck, Austria

Michael Geisler - Fastest Known Time
Michael Geisler - Courmayeur-Champex-Chamonix (CCC)

What is an FKT Challenge? (Michael started one, and their Award Party is November 15).

"These are the routes we like to run.  They are quite technical.  You can never be too competitive, because they are very rocky and steep, but that’s what we consider a good FKT route."

"We had 100 people trying one route in one month."

How do tourist boards help create FKT routes?

"People were thinking, 'I’m not the best runner, but I have a really nice hiking trail in my backyard, we all know it but no one else does, so I’ll do it, have a great time, and submit it.'"

What are the best FKT routes in the Alps?

"The routes that are well known are competitive - unbelievably competitive. On one 100km route this summer, there were two runners on it, coincidentally the same day.  They were top ten at UTMB and Tors de Geants. After 17 hours they finished 10-15 minutes apart."

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