Route: Berliner Höhenweg (Austria)

87.4 km
Vertical Gain
7,200 m

The "Berliner Höhenweg" is an alpine loop in Zillertal, Tirol, Austria. Due to the relative good infrastructure, but high difficulty (rugged rocks and mountains up to 3100m), the Berliner Höhenweg is one of the most desired FKT destinations in Austria for Trailrunners.

Start/End is Europahaus Mayrhofen. 

It is run anti-clockwise via the following Alpine Huts: Mayrhofen (633m) - Gamshütte (1921m) - Friesenberghaus (2498m) - Furtschaglhaus (2295m) - Berliner Hütte (2044m) - Greizer Hütte (2227m) - Kasseler Hütte (2278m) - Karl von Edel Hütte (2238m) - Mayrhofen (633m)

Length: 95km
Elevation gain: 7.400HM

Loop Overview:
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In 2012 Markus Kröll ran the Berliner Höhenweg in 23h 45min and documented it in the Red Bull Documentary "Berliner Höhenweg"
Two years later Markus ran without cameras and managed the loop in 22h.

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