Podcast: Episode 120: FKTOY Europe Part 1

End of Year

There were 1,308 FKTs set in Europe in 2020.  A panel of experts nominated 23 of the best, then they voted.  Here is the #3 Woman and the #3 Man; next week we hear from the Top two’s.

We start with an Introduction to the European FKT with Matt Lefort, a native of France, who’s been living in Andorra for 12 years, and just moved to Norway. He offers good insights that set the stage.

Let’s listen to our first two winners, an English woman living in Germany, and an American living in England!  Read the Article here

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Full CV

Aoife Quigly

  • Age: 29
  • FKTOY Euro: #3
  • Residence: Ilvesheim, Germany
  • Occupation: Conference Interpreter
  • Family: 2 sisters, 1 boyfriend, 2 dogs
  • Sports Highlights - - -
    • Golden Trail World Series 2019 22nd
    • Transvulcania half marathon and VK
    • Santana Skyrace on Madeira half, 1st
    • FKT on the Nagelfluhkette
  • Social Media - - -

John Kelly

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