Podcast: Episode 127: Anton Krupicka - "I don't identify with any one sport - it's about the pure experience"


One of best known ultrarunners ever definitely is still going big and going long ... he now does it across four different sports.  Running, climbing, skiing, and cycling - but NO hiking! (listen in).

"I never thought or said, 'I'm not a runner anymore'; the space just opened up to do these other sports I'd always been interested in."

Once known as the "Apostle of Minimalism", Tony might now be considered one of the most thoughtful, experienced, and insightful participants and commentators on endurance sports.

"Ultimately you're just out there trying to develop and honest relationship with yourself.  That's what your exploring.  The setting is there to facilitate that."

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Full CV

Anton Krupicka

  • Age: 37
  • Residence: Boulder, CO
  • Occupation: Mountain Endurance Athlete
  • Family: just me
  • Sports Highlights - -
    • 2-time winner of the Leadville 100 - 2006 and 2007 
    • 2nd place at Western States 100 - 2010
    • Lavaredo 120k winner - 2014
    • Multi-sport mountain athlete - running, climbing, cycling, ski mountaineering
  • Social Media - -


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Profile picture for user Carlo Scarlata

Excellent episode, Buzz!

One question I would love to ask Tony is: when you combine biking with running and climbing, where do you leave in a safe place your bike??? Do you lock it somewhere? Any special suggestion?

Carlo Scarlata