Podcast: Episode 132: Ryan Ignatz - What you don't know about electrolytes - and need to learn


Ryan Ignatz is an expert on electrolyte replacement and hydration, and can perform a Sweat Test to determine the exact amount of Sodium YOU lose when exercising.  Everyone is very different so this is important!  He tested me - what was the result??

"You lose 1,453mg of Sodium per liter of sweat.  You are a very salty sweater."

I rarely supplement my fluid intake with electrolytes. Does that mean I've been doing it wrong for 50 years?  Probably yes!  Aack!

The current wisdom is "Drink to thirst".  Is that good advice?

"No. Your body always will protect its Sodium concentration, so will reduce your thirst sensation to avoid diluting its Sodium."

Don't you continue to make the same mistakes I have.  Listen to Ryan on this podcast, and consider being tested yourself.

This episode was proceeded by Andy Blow of Precision Hydration, Episode 122 - listen to both to learn more.

This is the Colorado Multisport sweat test page.  Ryan is offering a discount to our listeners - here is a link to schedule a sweat test - put "FKPODCAST" in the notes section when you book to receive 20% OFF this one time test.  The test must be done in-person.

Full CV

Ryan Ignatz

  • Age: 42
  • City: Boulder, CO
  • Family: Wife Maia
  • Occupation: Performance Director at Colorado Multisport and Full Cycle in Boulder, CO
  • Sports Highlights - - -
    • Collegiate Regional Champion in Triathlon
    • Regional/National/World Champion age group Xterra off-road triathlon finishes and top 10 Worlds and Top 5 Nationals Professional finishes
    • Many local/regional wins and some course records in triathlon and xterra off-road triathlon.
  • Education/Professional Highlights - - -
    • Masters in Kinesiology and Applied Physiology at CU Boulder working with Dr. Allen Lim (founder/owner of Skratch Labs) with an emphasis in cycling performance.
    • Taught Anatomy, Physiology, and Comparative Animal Physiology at CU Boulder as an adjunct faculty member.
    • Professional bike fitter with Colorado Multisport 2006 until present.
    • Teach bike fitting at Retul University, the leading 3D motion capture bike fitting technology companies in the industry. 
  • Social Media - - -
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