Podcast: Episode 140: Jason Hardrath: His 100th FKT!


Co-Host Hillary Allen asks Jason the obvious question, "Why go for 100 FKTs?"

"It's been a wild journey; in the works for two, going on three years. I had a wild 2020; I did 60 FKTs last year."

"The game gets harder the more you play it. I had to learn new skills, get more creative, become better."

How do you find the time to do all this?

"If you know Ironman training, you know I was used a lifestyle of constant movement."

"I was the kid who struggled to fall in line. Now I'm a poor employee but a great teacher - I'm not good at compliance but great connecting with the kids. The same with FKTs - I can see the possibilities, and dedicate myself to doing it."

Besides being extremely bold and energetic, Jason is very intelligent and insightful - you'll appreciate this conversation!

100th FKT

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