Podcast: Episode 143: Boundary Waters: Run it AND Save it! Alex Falconer and Clare Gallagher are doing that.


The Boundary Waters is 1.1 million acres of incredible glaciated terrain way up in northern Minnesota on the Canada border, and yet is the most-visited Wilderness Area in the United States.  Because it is so good.  Even if YOU have never been there!

"Boundary Waters is as remote as it gets.  Alex had everything dialed - those people are hard-core canoists - they paddled over two hours to get to the support locations!" - Clare

"This is an incredible idea Alex had - he combined his ultra running passion with his passion to protect this place." - Clare

"This is one of the most pristine places on planet Earth - you just dip your bottle into the lake or stream and drink without any filtration". - Alex

"It was next level!  I've never seen anything like it - it's the most wet I've ever been on land - it was so hard-core Minnesota!" - Clare

Please listen to Clare, and support Alex and this fabulous wilderness

The Boundary Waters is under threat from a proposed massive sulfide-ore copper mine that, if built, would generate acid mine drainage in the form of sulfuric acid and flow straight through the heart of the Wilderness and also into Canada’s Quetico Provincial Park and Voyageurs National Park. The mine site and waste rock tailings would perpetually pollute turning this world class wilderness and pristine watershed into a polluted chain of lakes, rivers, streams and marshes forever. 

Website with full information

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(Corrections from the audio:)

Joni Mitchell's 'advice" to Clare: "Wild things run fast"

Isle Royale is the least-visited National Park, with 18,216 annual visitors

Full CV

Alex Falconer

Clare Gallagher

  • Age: 29
  • City: Boulder, CO
  • Occupation: Trail runner & environmental advocate
  • Family: A great big one! 
  • Sports Highlights - - -
    • 2016 LT100 winner, 2nd fastest all time
    • 2017 UTMB CCC winner, course record
    • 2019 WS100 winner, 2nd fastest all time
    • 6 FKTs
  • Social Media - - -
    • Strava: Clare Gallagher 
    • ‘Gram: @clare_gallagher_runs
    • Twitter: @puppiesonmtsyay
    • Website: clare.run 
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