Podcast: Episode 152: Zack Beavin: From "Mediocre College Runner" to a 40 mile hilly race at a 5:54 pace!


"Mediocre"?  I don't think so!

Zack has done 7 ultra races and won all of them.  And he's from Kentucky, proud of it, and why maybe you haven't heard of him (the western US seems to receive more attention).

"I like the east. It's green. I'd like to try some things out west, but I'm happy here."

Zack graduated in 2017 with a double degree, went to work ... and quit 3 days later.

"Running is what I love.  Yes, I took a pay cut, but this is what I want to do."

Find out why.


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Full CV

Zack Beavin

  • City: Lexington, KY (about to move to Boston)
  • Age: 27
  • Family: One of 3 kids (forgotten middle child)
  • Occupation: Just started as an Account Specialist with New Balance (Previously Buyer and Race Director at local running store in Lexington)
  • Sports Highlights - - -
    • Mediocre college runner
    • 2020 Marathon Olympic Trials Qualifier - 2:18:26 at 2018 Indianapolis Monumental, 2nd; Fairly mediocre race at the Trials - 98th in 2:24:xx
    • 2016 Rough Trail 50k & 2019 Yamacraw 50k champ
    • 2020 Tunnel Hill 50 champ - CR in 5:03:05, 4th fastest American ever
    • 2021 Strolling Jim 40 champ - CR (30 year old record) in 3:55:44
    • Red River Gorge R2R2R2R2R FKT 5:05
    • Likely have run the 2nd fastest Rosé Mile in human history (5:58 - unless there's another weird friend group out there that has done it)
    • 3rd best result in the Antelope Backyard Ultra in human history (7 miles - there is no way another friend group has been stupid enough to do it) 
  • Social Media - - -
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