Podcast: Episode 159: Joe DeMoor: Born in the mountains, works in the mountains, runs up the mountains


When asked if he wanted to be a guest on the podcast, Joe wrote back,

"I realize this will be a bit about talking about myself, which I have to admit is one of my least favorite activities."

Right on!  Joe is the kind of person we especially like talking with.  Called the "quiet crusher" by some friends, Joe is a classic mountain person: he works hard, runs hard, and doesn't need to talk about it.  He has no shoe sponsor, and says with a laugh,

"The company's basically tell me I either need more Followers on social media, or to win UTMB."

Is living in a Colorado mountain town a dream come true, or just a dream?

"In order to make this lifestyle work, you have to be really committed; really want it."

"There's still a lot of heart in these ski towns; people out grinding every day, doing it for the right reasons."

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  • Protect Our Winters organization ("Your passion for the outdoors can help save it")
Full CV

Joseph DeMoor

  • Age: 31
  • City: Carbondale 
  • Family: wife Mackenzie, dog (Dipsy), cat (Kenosha), older brother Seth 
  • Occupation: Snowcat Operator and Sawyer in the summer on Aspen Mt for Aspen Ski Company
  • Sports Highlights - - - 
    • 3rd Place at this years USATF Mountain Running Championships at Mt. Hood 
    • Up until about Sophomore year in high school my number one goal was to play basketball in college but I wasn’t exceptional at basketball, haha.  Seth made the XC/Track team at the University of Colorado, and if Seth was going to the Moon that’s what I was going to try to do, so my focus shifted to running half way through high school and I got pretty good at it. 
    • Summited Colorado's highest 100 peaks
    • 37 FKTs
  • Social Media - - -
    "Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the Human Spirit" - Edward Abbey (on Joe's Signature Line)
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