Podcast: Episode 95: Seth DeMoor - the fast guy advises "The Art of Patience"

Seth James DeMoor - Fastest Known Time
Seth James DeMoor

Seth is one of those 'fast guys'.  On one of the legendary CU track teams. He ran a 1:06:50 Half Marathon - while running a full Marathon.

"Knowing what you enjoy ... that's the beauty of FKTs ... you can find your niche in the larger space."

"My brother and I attempted Nolans 14 a few years ago ... didn't make it ... that's the beauty of it; being humbled in the mountains."

Meanwhile, Seth set FKTs on many of the Colorado 14ers, from Longs Peak to Mount Elbert ... where he tied Anton Krupicka's 8 year old FKT ... to the second.  The very next day, Ryan Phebus broke it by a mere 3 seconds!

"After the pressure of college, I took 4-5 years off, which allowed me to get the fire back."

Seth is interesting, with a lot of knowledge and a unique perspective.  And definitely check out his YouTube Channel - he does a good job with video - 93,700 Subscribers!

"Don't rush life, don't rush through your training, and it will turn out OK." 

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Seth DeMoor

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