Podcast: Episode 164: Nancy East: Mother of 3 and SAR volunteer set a 900 mile FKT


"I'm a mom to three teenagers and on the verge of turning 50. The fastest I normally travel is in my mini-van shuttling kids around town.  Achieving an FKT as an amateur middle-aged athlete with minimal time to train was a huge stretch of my comfort zone. So adding my name to this roster was one of my proudest and most rewarding moments."

Boom!  Isn't Nancy the type of person you want to meet on the trail (or listen to on a podcast)?  She is a SAR volunteer who raised $30,000 with this FKT, and was inspired to undertake this project by the tragic death of another mother of three who died of hypothermia one mile from the trailhead.

She has excellent safety advice for all of us:

"Don't forget to pack what's between your ears."

"STOP.  Which means: Stop - Think - Observe - Plan.  When lost, wandering or leaving the trail is never a good idea."

Is this more inspirational than listening to a professional runner who can run really fast?

"We care.  With all the anger and divisiveness in the world, I want to say there are millions of people like us out there, who really care."

Nancy also found the time to write a book, which we recommend:

"Chasing the Smokies Moon; An audacious 948 mile hike, fueled by love, loss, laughter, and lunacy."

Pages: 192
Publish Date: 10/30/21
Purchase signed copies at www.nancyeast.com.  Amazon and other book retailers also sell it.
Cost: $17.95

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