Podcast: Episode 177: Anton Krupicka - This endurance maestro still does huge runs - and rides


Anton was our very first podcast, 3 1/2 years ago!  He was very articulate even back then: 

"Sometimes being successful means getting back to the car. Alive."

He was also Episode 127 last year:

"I don't identify with any one sport - it's about the pure experience"

He's still crushing some huge, creative routes; last summer he cycled to the 6 highest peaks in 6 different mountain ranges, ran up them, then got back on the bike.  Alone, Unsupported.

"'Sagebrush & Summits' was the focal point of my summer - it took most of July - and ultimately it set me up to race Leadville again in August."

Indeed, after cycling 2,300 miles over 21 days, he finished 3rd in the Leadville Trail 100.  

Besides prodigious endurance, Anton also remains a very thoughtful student of the sport, and an extremely articulate spokesperson - don't miss his thoughts:

"When I set an objective for myself, I'm really trying to create an experience that's going to be meaningful to me, and put me in a situation that will force me into a headspace and orientation to surroundings I don't get in everyday life. Even having a partner will be a different experience."

The 6 summits, from the blog post for La Sportiva:

Kings Peak in the Uinta Range (Utah’s high point, 13,528’);
Grand Teton – the Teton Range’s high point, 13,775’);
Granite Peak in the Beartooth Range (Montana’s high point, 12,807’); 
Cloud Peak – the highest mountain in Wyoming’s Bighorn Range, 13,166’; 
Gannett Peak in the Wind River Range, Wyoming’s high point, 13,804’;
Longs Peak (14,255’) in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park, the dominant peak of the northern Front Range.

Full CV

Anton Krupicka

  • Age: 38
  • Residence: Boulder, CO
  • Occupation: Mountain Endurance Athlete
  • Family: just me
  • Sports Highlights - -
    • 2-time winner of the Leadville 100; 2006 and 2007 
    • 2nd place at Western States 100;  2010
    • Lavaredo 120k winner; 2014
    • Multi-sport mountain athlete - running, climbing, cycling, ski mountaineering
  • Social Media - -

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