Podcast: Episode 52: Emma Mure and Sara Aranda - Overall FKT on the fabulous Wind River High Route

This August, the pair went sub-4 days on the WRHR, a terrific 100 mile traverse of the Wind River Range in Wyoming.

"I was into backpacking and climbing, then discovered trail running and loved the lightweight freedom ... I'm fascinated by how far the human body can go, and how much you can see and experience."

This is one of the finest routes of its kind in the world, designed to replicate the Sierra High Route: Stay as high as possible, with scrambling but no technical climbing. Just like the SHR is parallel and above and much harder than the JMT, the WRHR is off-trail and above the Highline Trail.

"Maybe we ran 10 or 15 miles - fast-packing - it's an endurance mission."

Note: One week after Sara and Emma, their Overall FKT was bested by Skyler Williams, then 3 weeks after that David Ayala took it down again - https://fastestknowntime.com/route/wind-river-high-route-wy

Sara's website/blog:  https://bivytales.com

Skurka's description and route guide: https://andrewskurka.com/adventures/wind-river-high-route/

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