Route: Wind River High Route (WY)

Wyoming, US
97 mi
Vertical Gain
30000 ft

The Wind River High Route follows the alpine crest of Wyoming’s Wind River Range, usually hovering between 10,000 and 12,000 feet by connecting long cross-country segments with short bits of trail. It avoids technical terrain (Class 4 and up, and crevassed glaciers).

The Wind River High Route has two Variations (which are really quite different & could be different Routes, but the term WRHR has been applied to both):

The Skurka route (shown on our map) is 97 miles long, 65 percent off-trail, and bookended by the range’s southernmost and northernmost 13’ers, Wind River Peak and Downs Mountain. Its termini are Bruce Bridge and Trail Lakes, on the eastern side of the range. For FKT purposes, the route is Skurka's Primary Route.  More info,

The Dixon/Wilson route is 80 miles long and 45 percent off-trail, and terminates at Big Sandy in the south and Green River Lakes in the north. It may be the more popular of the two, due to its shorter length and more accessible level of difficulty. More info,

We have a separate Route page for on-trail Wind River Range Traverses.

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