Podcast: Episode 68: FKT of the Year Awards - part 1 of 2

FKT of the Year 2019 #3-#5 collage

Let's do this!

The #5, #4, and #3 FKTOY for ladies and gents. And EVERY one of these Athletes is on air - 8 people total!  Extremely interesting and inspirational - listen to these people in their own words.

"I have been chasing what makes me feel alive, what I see is possible, and what scares me...this FKT passion is about the experience, it is about the creativity, it’s about living in a way that’s “worth it” for my own values."

(From Buzz: The really hard part was limiting these folks to just 10 minutes - everyone was telling a great story.)

"This could be our best podcast ever."

Definitely check the accompanying article for hot links to the Athletes own Trip Reports and Photos.

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