Podcast: Episode 69: 2019 FKT of the Year Awards - part 2 of 2

FKT of the Year 2019 - #1 & #2

We talk with the #2 and #1 Fastest Known Time of the Year winners!  They tell their own stories, which are amazing listening.

"I consider myself a relatively normal person without any particularly special skills. I simply had an idea and dedicated myself to training to make it happen."

(Find out what this person did - her definition of "normal" is very "relative"!)

From very long trails in the desert to the highest mountain on the continent, the stories are great:

"I'm not that fast, but I'm at home on glaciers, up high, in the mountains. This is what I was born to do."

And definitely read the accompanying Article so you can click through for personal trip reports and photos.

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