Podcast: Episode 81: Tyler Andrews: 50mi Road Champion to Everest Base Camp to Self-Quarantine

Tyler Andrews - Fastest Known Time

Tyler ran the Olympic Trials Marathon, then went to Nepal to hike and relax. Then the global pandemic broke out. So he decided he might as well try the FKT for the Everest Base Camp run.

"I was over there, all races were being cancelled back home, so decided I might as well do something."

The fast road guy who had never run longer than 6 hours decides to run up to 17,598' and back.

"I got my maps out, consulted my calendar, stocked up on Oreos, laid down at 4pm, and rested fitfully until my alarm sounded some seven hours later for my Midnight departure."

https://strivetrips.org/blog/ebc-writeup/ - Full write-up (with good photos) of the Everest Base Camp FKT

https://personalpeak.ca/quarantinebackyard/ - (Also mentioned in the podcast) The Quarantine Backyard Ultra (April 4!) - last person standing virtual race.

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Tyler Andrews

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