Podcast: Episode 94: Stefan Bergsten - What's new and cool in Sweden? (A lot!)

Stefan Bergsten - Fastest Known Time

There are now 52 Routes in Sweden, 34 of which were established just in the last few months!  Why?

We like to challenge ourselves, and FKTs are a wonderful outlet. Our view is FKTs should be an ultra distance.

Ultra indeed.  Welcome to the country that invented ÖTILLÖ, which is "island hopping" by swimming to multiple islands, running across them, then swimming to the next one.

You just put two points on the map, go from A to B, by any route you want, choosing your own strategy.

Sweden has other reasons to favor the ultra distances.  Stockholm is at 60 degrees latitude, and most of the country lies to the north of that.

It's a little extreme.  In the winter it never gets light, but in the summer it never gets dark - you can save weight by not bringing a headlamp.

Listen to more insider stories from the country that decided to not shut down during the pandemic.

You can't just locked everything down; it's not that simple.  You need a more dynamic view.

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