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Category: Person-Person

The FKT scene in New England has always been very competitive - rather than inventing obscure new route they go faster on the existing lines.  The Presidential Traverse is the marquee route - new fastest times often are better than the previous by less than 2 minutes!

"People now will train specifically for a route, then do a full taper; the FKT is their race, not an extra thing they do on the side."

So why did Ben try the Presi in winter conditions?

Category: Topics

Ryan Ignatz is an expert on electrolyte replacement and hydration, and can perform a Sweat Test to determine the exact amount of Sodium YOU lose when exercising.  Everyone is very different so this is important!  He tested me - what was the result??

"You lose 1,453mg of Sodium per liter of sweat.  You are a very salty sweater."

I rarely supplement my fluid intake with electrolytes. Does that mean I've been doing it wrong for 50 years?  Probably yes!  Aack!

The current wisdom is "Drink to thirst".  Is that good advice?

Category: Person-Person

There are a million newsletters out there, and is the only one I subscribe to. Why? Because Brendan illustrates (literally) how runners actually feel and think - and laugh!

"Pizza is a better invention than the Internet."

Category: Person-Person

Co-host Hillary Allen asks,

"You set an FKT just two days ago - what FKT did you crush this weekend?"

Tyler quickly answers,

"It crushed me!  I've been wanting to do the Lost Coast Trail for years, and finally did it."

Category: Person-Person

Joe McConaughy and Coree Woltering independently decided to try for an FKT on the Arizona Trail.  Our Social Media Coordinator Allison Mercer heard about this, contacted them, with the result being Joe and Coree decided to start at the same place at the same time ... and see who makes it from the Mexican border to Utah first!  

"I think we'll have different FKT strategies ... I'm not sure how much he is going to divulge, and not sure how much I'll divulge ..."

Category: Person-Person

"Super fast" describes Brittany - she ran a 2:33 at the Olympic Trials Marathon for 13th place - but she had never set foot on a trail. Since then she won the Pikes Peak Marathon and last month set the Course Record at Moab Red Hot.

"I had this stigma about trail runners in my head, like they all were burly with beards.  And there were wild animals out there."

"But then Covid hit, so no races. And someone said, 'Why not try an FKT'?  I had never heard of an FKT."

Category: Person-Person

One of best known ultrarunners ever definitely is still going big and going long ... he now does it across four different sports.  Running, climbing, skiing, and cycling - but NO hiking! (listen in).

"I never thought or said, 'I'm not a runner anymore'; the space just opened up to do these other sports I'd always been interested in."

Once known as the "Apostle of Minimalism", Tony might now be considered one of the most thoughtful, experienced, and insightful participants and commentators on endurance sports.

Category: Person-Person

Roman Dial has done things you never imagined.  Do you aspire to do a 100 mile trail race?  He's never done one - instead he invented races that make 100's look like a 10k in Central Park.

"Three of us decided to see how far one could go completely Unsupported. I ended up hiking 625 miles across Alaska in 25 days. All food and gear with me start to finish. My pack weighed 59 lbs; 45 of which was food."

Most of Roman's trips were "OKTs" - "Only Known Times".  But in this very podcast, he coined the term "LKTs".  What's an LKT??

Category: Topics

Dr Teddy Bross has finished seven 100 mile races (and 12 of the Nolan's 14 summits :-), and is a physician.  Host Hillary Allen asks him for his best advice to manage your long projects in the winter.

"The R2R2R.alt is probably too short a swim to develop hypothermia, but is a perfect scenario for 'cold shock'."

Category: Person-Person

What's it like to run long and hard, as a couple?  Is it easier or harder; more fun or a struggle?

Host Hillary Allen speaks with Brittany Peterson and Cody Lind, who as a team set a big FKT on the Superior Hiking Trail last year, bettering the previous Male time by 18 hours and the Female by over 2 days.

"Western States will be interesting - she'd like me to pace her, and I'd like her to pace me!" - Cody

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