Route: 7 Churfirsten

Submitted by marius.prigge@… on Wed, 08/10/2022 - 07:31am
46.5 km
Vertical Gain
4,780 m

The 7 Churfirsten are a scenic mountain chain in Switzerland. You start the official Route wich is 46,5km long in the centre of Alt St. Johann, next to the church. Than start in direction of the first summit "1. Selun 2205m". Pick up the next summits wich call 2. Frümsel 2266m, 3. Brisi 2278m, 4. Zuestoll 2234, 5. Schibenstoll 2235, 6. Hinderrugg 2306m and last one Chäserrugg with 2261m. The highest point is the Brisi. When you have made this route, there is a free beer to get in the Restaurant at the Chäserrugg. Good Luck

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