Route: Agadez Air Base 201: Hottest, Fastest, Farthest (Niger)

Submitted by HuskerduWI on Mon, 10/19/2020 - 02:32am
8 mi
Vertical Gain
0 m

Air Base 201 is an Air Force Base located near Agadez, Niger. With temperatures reach over 100 degrees much of the year, this makes it one of the most challenging places to run. In addition, you have to be in the military or support military efforts in Africa to access this area. Terrain is flat desert plains with unimproved dirt roads. 


a. NO GPS mapping allowed (due to military security concerns). Only submit distance and time. 

b. The route is an 8 mile loop, either direction, marked by metal engineering stakes. Start and Finish at the intersection of Crimson Rd and Independence Rd. You’ll find a green engineer stake marked “O FKT” (start) and one marked “8 FKT” (finish). Proceed on an easterly bearing, counter clockwise around the airfield. Each mile is marked with a green engineering post on the right side of the road.  You can run one or more laps - submit your time and number of 8 mile laps in your FKT report.  We will also consider fixed-time runs, such as # of (full) laps in 24 hours.  A temperature measurement should be taken at the end of the run.

Verification should be by the runners watch and a second person as an official timer (iphone, stopwatch). They could post a photo of both. I'm pretty sure the gods of operational security would descend on the runner if they started posting maps, so please don't!


16.951542071842, 7.996870726347