Route: Aire Libre: Laguna Tortuguero to Hacienda La Esperanza route

Submitted by Keilynn on Fri, 04/21/2023 - 02:40pm
Puerto Rico
31 mi
Vertical Gain
1,124 ft

This route circles the Tortuguero Lagoon to the Hacienda La Esperanza, returning via a coastal route. It starts next to the Tortuguero Athletic area in the nature reserve following the trails of the Tortuguero Lagoon, the only natural freshwater reservoir on the island. The trails range from dirt soil to fine white sugar sand, and paths littered with outcropping limestone rocks. Along the path you will pass the Manatial De Guayaney, a cold natural spring with crystal clear subterranean water surrounded by boulderous limestones and veritable trees. When you leave the lagoon, you traverse various secondary roads in the rural section of Manati across the Camino Dupont, Camino Rabanos, and Carretera La Esperanza. This leads to the nature reserve where the Hacienda La Esperanza, a defunct sugar estate from the 19th century resides and is surrounded by beautiful beaches. The hacienda is home a restored trapiche (sugar mill) from 1861, one of the only few left in the world. The trails of the nature reserve offer gentle rolling hills and many views of the ocean on the back side paths. When you leave the main section of the Hacienda you will traverse the more secluded sections of the reserve on the La Esperanza trails surrounding the waterways of the Tierras Nuevas Poniente, a rural barrio of Manati. The return coastal route takes you across the following roads PR 6684, Carretera 685, and Avenida Sol. Each road provides you with unique views of humble homes and the breathtaking shoreline. After Avenida Sol there is a right turn which brings you back into the area of the Tortuguero via Carretera Luis E Melendez Cano. You dip into the lagoon trail system onto a very picturesque pier. A few miles past the pier the trails return you to the starting point. 

Note: This route is inspired and dedicated to friendship and the love of open spaces. Aire Libre. 

This route can be run in either direction.

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