Route: Aotai Trail (Shaanxi, China)

Shaanxi Sheng, CN
55.2 km

Zhengliang Tang posted:

Aotai trail is one of the most famous hiking route in China. It's on the ridge line of Mt. Taibai, which lies between north China and south China. Most part of Aotai Trail is extreme challenging alpine trail, 54km(33.5mi) in total, average elevation is about 3000m (10000 ft), elevation gain 4350m (14271ft). The numbers seems not much but the trail condition is really hardcore.

I started from where the road joint the trail in Tangkou village, and ended on the summit of Mt. Taibai, 3750m(12300ft).

I think Aotai trail is only famous for Chinese hikers. More pics can be found if google it with its Chinese name :

The weather of Aotai is so bad and almost the trail was beautiful and wild. Great place for adventures!


GPS Track
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