Route: Ashdown Forest Clumps Round

Submitted by JJ Learnihan on Fri, 08/18/2023 - 02:59am
United Kingdom
26.8 km
Vertical Gain
510 m

The Clumps Round traverses the Ashdown Forest, a large sandstone ridge with brilliant views of the North and South Downs and visits each of the twelve large conifer Clumps planted around the Forest in the Victorian era and on significant occasions since then.

The route starts at Goat Car Park (TQ 401 326) and can be completed clockwise or counter-clockwise. Most (but not all!) of the clumps are marked on the Ashdown Forest OS map, and all are visible from some distance away. To complete the round you need to touch the signs that mark all twelve clumps and return to Goat Car Park. The route outlined above isn't necessarily the the quickest or best way to do so.

The Clumps are (in counter-clockwise order): Macmillan Clump, Kennedy Clump, Wych Cross Clump, Milbrook Clump, Friends Clump, Camp Hill Clump, Crows Nest Clump, Kings Standing Clump, Greenwood Gate Clump, Gills Lap Clump, Millennium Clump and Greenhall Toll Clump

Fantastic views, and fun and varied trail running on open heathland and wooded valleys - a great route!