Route: AVG Alta Via del Golfo (Italy)

Submitted by matte82fromSpezia on Sat, 06/06/2020 - 12:17pm
La Spezia, IT
49 km
Vertical Gain
2,000 m

This wonderful high way called AVG "high way of the gulf" starts from the small village of Bocca di Magra and arrives in Portovenere.

Our gulf is called the "gulf of poets" because in the last century some famous poets of the time decided to spend a lot of time in these wonderful places and I really think they were right!

The trail has no technical parts but you still have to be careful not to push too hard because they are always 50 km away.

You can run it all year round because the weather is always nice and there are many water points along the way.

A particular thing is that after only 2 km you already see the finish but you still have to complete the whole tour...

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