Route: Baseline Fire Towers Loop (AB, Canada)

Submitted by pkennedy on Tue, 09/01/2020 - 10:56pm
Alberta, CA
12 km
Vertical Gain
693 m

This route take you to the top of Baseline Mountain which is the home to an active fire lookout tower and then it traverses to the original Baseline fire lookout which was a 10' x 10' house built in the 1920's by the Canadian Forest Service and was in use till the 1940's. The current tower is still in use and staffed usually from May to October every summer. This route is in the foothills of the rocky mountains and was a significant fire lookout location for Alberta. 

Start at the bottom of Old Baseline, follow highway 752 to Baseline service road, follow Baseline service road to the top, use the trail to cut across to Old Baseline top, follow quad trail to the starting point.

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