Route: Beamers Trail (Weavers Way)

Submitted by Ady Gray on Sat, 04/01/2023 - 05:30am
United Kingdom
5.96 mi
Vertical Gain
634 ft

The "Weavers Way" in East Lancashire traverses the moors; farmland; woods; and reservoirs of the West Pennines surrounding the former cotton mill-based industrial powerhouse of Blackburn with Darwen municipality. Now the mills lay unused and the two towns are deprived urban areas. However, the concrete jungles are surrounded by magnificent countryside where you will find yourself peace and tranquility. The full route is available on here ( but the local council also designed this long distance trail in the style of a four leaf Clover so that each of the sections can be tackled alone or in combination with the others. This is the Beamers Trail beginning in Witton Country Park, Blackburn and it is an ideal trail running route providing just enough technical terrain to wet the lips; a steep ascent near the start to get the heart pumping; sweet, flowing single-track to stretch the legs on; and some, often muddy, downhill sections to inject the fun into your run.

Begin in the large car-park off Tower Road (Pleasington Playing Fields Car Park BB2 2TP) and cross the river Darwen by the bridge into the main Country Park. Ahead of you 1/4 mile away is your first sighting point - the Sports Pavilion. Follow the tarmac path clockwise around the oval playing field and head behind the pavilion and up the slight incline. Before you hit the hill proper there is a dirt path on your left taking you past a wooden adventure playground. Take this path and prepare yourself as your warm-up is done; now you will tackle the main climb of the trail and you head up, sticking to the path nearest the fenceline, and cross 2 farm fields and a small road into the next section of woodland. This bit is the steepest; often muddy and slippy with fallen leaves; roots abound; and you'll be breathless at the top. Again, stick the path and take lefts at any branches until you come to a small bit of concrete hard-standing. Cross the next 2 fields - the 1st has a memorial to the legend that is Alfred Wainwright. Now you follow the path - keeping an eye out for the yellow Acorn waymarkers as you run down flowing single-track; cross a couple of minor roads and 3 farmer's fields till you reach the Hoghton Bottoms section - possibly the highlight of the route. This bit takes you alongside the river - with it on your right - until you swing away from the river taking a path that veers left and runs alongside the golf club. Climbing a small hill, after coming out of an orchard, you are now in Pleasington village. Cross the road and take the path in front which leads you back down into Witton Country Park. Follow the road on your right back to the car-park.

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