Route: Beaverdam South Loop (NC)

North Carolina, US
6.3 mi

Falls Lake Recreation Area

This is a 7 mile mountain bike trail.

A single-track loop blazed with blue circles and also has 38 distance markers 400, 401,402,…,438 along the entire path. The trail is very hilly with a few flat sections.

The trailhead is located right off from the Ranger Toll Station (Beaverdam 14600 Creedmoor Road Wake Forest, NC 27587 GPS: 36.0362, -78.6850). This trail is tailored towards MTBers with the banked curves and log jumps, but it makes for a great and tough trail run. Overall, the trail is very well maintained and has great views of Falls Lake.

GPS Track


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I am going to go for it! 

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This is 7.47 miles with the GPX map!