Route: Berrys Green Circular (United Kingdom)

Submitted by Michael C on Thu, 07/09/2020 - 01:21am
United Kingdom
7.92 mi
Vertical Gain
850 ft

The Berrys Green circular route starts and finishes in Cudham Recreation car park. This scenic journey in the Kent countryside allows you to travel on foot for just under 8 miles. You will need to climb over too many stiles to count, and negotiate a few rarely opened gates. It is well signposted, but massively overgrown and tricky to see the path at certain points. Anti clockwise is the set direction, allowing you to make best experience of the hills that rise and fall continuously. Tree roots come from all directions so you will need to pay attention to avoid tripping. You will see many sheep, many cows, a couple of horses, and very few people.

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