Route: Bickle Knob Observation Tower (WV)

West Virginia, US
4.1 mi

High atop Bickle Knob (Monongahela National Forestsits the Bickle Knob observation tower where visitors can catch the panoramic vista of the surrounding forest. Located approximately 10 miles northeast of Elkins, West Virginia, on Forest Road 91 (Stuart Memorial Drive).

Start where the gravel FR 91/Stuart Memorial Drive turns off of Shavers Fork Rd. Run all the way up that road to the very top, turn on the short trail to the observation tower. Climb the observation tower and tag the top platform with the bottom of your feet. Then get back to the bottom as fast as you can!  ~8 miles RT / 1800' elevation gain

-submitted by Katie Wolpert

GPS Track
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Wow, that's an impressive time.  I was up there back in the 90s.  I should head over there with my sons some time and give this a try.