Route: Big Craggy - West Craggy Loop (WA)

Submitted by Jason Hardrath… on Sat, 09/04/2021 - 05:21pm
Washington, US
9.5 mi
Vertical Gain
5,800 ft

Among short, scenic and enjoyable routes followed when one is pursuing the Washington Bulgers list, the day spent out on Big Craggy and West Craggy ranks highly. 

"Big Craggy Peak (8,470 ft) and West Craggy (8,366 ft). They are located in the southeast quadrant of the Pasayten Wilderness about 17 miles north of the town of Winthrop. The Craggies are the two highest points of rugged Isabella Ridge, which extends for approximately five miles in a north-south orientation (the north end splits into two parallel ridges). Some of the cliffs on the east side of the ridge are impressive juggernauts with much rock climbing potential. Isabella Ridge is also the alpine zenith of a triangular sub-range of peaks whose vertex is Eightmile Pass at the north end. Because this pass is at 5,400 ft, Big Craggy Peak has over 3,000 feet of prominence, making it among the top 50 most prominent peaks in the state (3070P). Additionally, both Big Craggy and West Craggy are among Washington's Top 100 in terms of elevation." (adapted from SummitPost).

As far as previous "Fastest Known Times"

In this report, Matt Lemke and crew describe going 8hrs 20min car-to-car
in this report, Eric Gilbertson describes going 6hrs car-to-car
- In this Strava effort, Jason Hardrath has data indicating 6hrs 15min car-to-car
*Future male attempts should seek to eclipse these times, but faster times may exist*

~submitted by Jason Hardrath (STRAVA, IG or FB)