Route: Birkental Runde (Austria)

29 km
Vertical Gain
2,600 m

The Birkental lies exactly between the Tannheimer valley and the Lechtal. Starting point is the small town of Gaicht am Gaichtpass. About the footpath it goes to Rauth and from there up to the highest point, the Leilachspitze (2,274m). The crack tip shortly before may be taken. From there on the eastern and western Krottenkopf over on the Lachenspitze (2.126m). Descend via the trail to the northeast towards Schochenspitze. Follow the main hiking trail to the left and after the Sulzspitze partly trailless towards Litnisschrofen (2.068m). Continue on the Krinnenspitze (2,000m) and from there on the Gamsbocksteig and the Meraner Steig back to Rauth and Gaicht.  About 30km.

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