Route: Bluff Wilderness Hiking Trail (NS, Canada)

Submitted by Ian Loughead on Sun, 08/09/2020 - 01:13pm
Nova Scotia, CA
32.2 km
Vertical Gain
612 m

The Bluff Wilderness Hiking Trail is a rugged, challenging 4-loop wilderness trail over 30 kms, for experienced hikers only.  Each loop will take approximately 3 to 4 hours to complete.  The trail passes through several landscape types, including patches of hardwood and evergreen forests, fens and open granite barrens.  The barrens feature glacial outcropping and granite deposits, as well as extensive populations of broom crowberry, a coastal plain species threatened elsewhere and the rare mountain sandwort.  Over 100 species of lichens have been documented on the trail. 

The trail generally moves along high ground, affording frequent stunningly beautiful vistas of the surrounding wilderness and lakes.  At one point, it runs through a stand of large old growth red spruce between Pot and Cranberry Lakes.  The third loop takes hikers over the Bluff plateau, which is one of the highest points near Halifax.

This trail is frequently run by trail runners with many options to complete it depending on skill levels of distance. Each loop has unique challenges, and the course itself is a constant rolling terrain. Part smooth single track, part technical, this trail rewards surfooted runners.

This run takes all possible paths into account for maximum fun. It is run in a figure 8 loop style that allows for the cross overs that would normally be lost in a out edge loop run only.  This does require some "back tracking" as you run the cross overs of each loop twice.



Looks like a fun route Ian, can you explain what sequence you did the loops in? I'm sure I could figure it out from the GPX file but feeling a little lazy.  Do you have to take a wrong turn on the West side of Pot Lake for it to count?

Sorry Jason, hadn't logged in to see this. I start loop 1 going away from the water, so to the left and up the really steep rocky climb. 

Gonna give this a shot on Dec 1st.  Did you guys figure 8 it?  Any suggestions for me?