Route: Boston Walking City Trail (MA)

Submitted by mcccxxv on Fri, 11/10/2023 - 12:52pm
Massachusetts, US
44.1 km
Vertical Gain
423 m

Description from trail web site at

Connecting 17 Boston neighborhoods from the Neponset River Reservation to Bunker Hill Monument, the Walking City Trail is a 27-mile hiking path through some of Boston's most scenically immersive parks, urban wilds, gardens, and residential neighborhoods.

The WCT is divided into four segments. Each can easily be split into two shorter section hikes. Each Walking City Trail section is accessible by public transit at multiple points and includes access to public restrooms, water, and food. You can hike the Walking City Trail in small pieces, or hike the whole thing over a day or two. The trail is yours to "activate" as you see fit!

As more American cities expand their pedestrian infrastructure with new multi-use trails, it's time to expand our idea of where hiking can happen. The city is a rustling, fragrant, and historically rich ecosystem where paths and street walks can be connected to create long-distance hiking routes. What better place to model urban hiking than Boston, where visionaries like Frederick Law Olmsted brought the natural world to the city with the Emerald Necklace linear parks? Or where thousands walk the Freedom Trail each year?

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