Route: Briloner Kammweg (Germany)

49 km

Der Briloner Kammweg führt über 48km durch das sauerländische Hügelmeer. Es geht durch Buchen-Hochwälder, über Bergheiden und Bergwiesen, vorbei an erfrischenden Quellen.

They say that you can meet forest fairies on the Briloner Kammweg (Brilon Ridge Trail) in Sauerland. One thing is certain though: this approximately 50-kilometre circular route, which has a difference in altitudes of 1,600 metres, will leave you believing in the mystical and supernatural.

Certified as a “Qualitätsweg Wanderbares Deutschland” quality hiking trail, the Brilon Ridge Trail starts from Brilon marketplace. Westphalian-style half-timbered houses, the town hall with its Baroque façade and the massive Gothic tower of the Propsteikirche St. Petrus und Andreas (Provost Church of Saints Peter and Andrew) all set the scene for the first few kilometres heading out of the town. Other sights along the route include the source of the River Möhne, the watershed between the two most important German waterways the Rhine and Weser, and the beauty award-winning village of Bruchhausen. A quick detour takes you to the nearby Bruchhauser Steinen (Bruchhausen Stones), four mighty porphyry rocks, which reach up to 90 metres high.

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