Route: Cape Chignecto Provincial Park Loop (NS, Canada)

Nova Scotia, CA
46.3 km

Bryan Gagner posted (9/15/2015):

This coming weekend on Saturday, September 19th of 2015, at 8 am, some fellow RD's, friends and I will go for an official FKT on this beautiful 46.7k (29 mile) loop in coastal Nova Scotia. We may take pictures of sign posts, but we will all certainly have the watches going for gps tracks and will vouch for each other if it happens. Come one, Come all. I am camping there the night before with some friends at Christy field group site #5.
Here is a link to a friends garmin track run at a good pace , but not an fkt;(Bernie Doucet of Federicton, NB) of the loop properly run for reference;
Cape Chignecto loop   
and here is the link all written out;

Here is a link to the park website and their brochure for more info.
park website

The unofficial time for the FKT of this loop run Counter Clockwise is 5:41~ by Mike Mueller.  
 The locally accepted time for the 2x and 3x loop belongs to Jodi Isenor.
Here are his links in his words.

2x; ...and the modified 2 looper -- time, gate to field, 14h56m (with edits because my Ambit was going to die. Only used it for one loop):      2 looper

3x; Here's the 3 looper 'gate to gate:   3 looper


And updated 10/16/2015:

Well, there were several of us at the September 19th trial of setting a new FKT for "Chiggy" as we call it, but it was not broken.
Before I give our times I will preface with some technical mumbo jumbo

The previous record by Mike Mueller was, as mentioned before, 5:41 from the gate at the visitor centre to the fields t Christy Field group site.   We also set out to establish a new finish at the gate making a convenient, gate to gate loop.  It took me 3 minutes and 15 seconds to run from the fields to the gate at the end and so because none of us broke the time, We are OK establishing a time adjusted new FKT, gate to gate of 5:44.  I gave Mike the benefit of just adding 3 minutes flat to his time.  

Since our little tweak is minor, I dont feel it is fair to claim a "new" FKT for this beautiful route.  Besides, I didn't get to the fields under time anyway.

I came in at 5:52:44, couldn't quite muster that few minutes faster. 
Jodi Isenor and Steve Baglole came in at 6:17~

My movescount data

Give 'er a go

GPS Track


Two new FKT's were set in the park October 16th/17th by Lee Alonzo Murphy and Jason White. The new times are as follows:

Two Full Loops gate to gate 18hr 18min 22sec

Three Full Loops gate to gate 29hr 16min 56sec

Link to Strava

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