Route: Cedar Mountain Wilderness Area Traverse (UT)

Utah, US
70 km
Vertical Gain
3,500 m

Traverse the Cedar Mtn Wilderness Area on the N-S axis, including the spine of the ridgeline.  You must:  Summit the three named peaks (Tabby's Peak, Cedar Benchmark (HP), and Hastings Benchmark); Stay high (no dropping to roads that run parallel to the range in-between the named peaks to save time); Traverse the entire wilderness area (either direction).

Jordan Kremer submitted the route:

This is a traverse of the Cedar Mountain Wilderness Area approximately 70 miles West of Salt Lake City. The range stretches about 40 miles North to South in the West Desert, just Northeast of the Dugway Military Base. We ran this South to North, so we began with a 14 mile steady "road" climb. There are a number of prominent peaks to the West in the southern portion of our route, but they are within the Dugway property line. Once able, we took Rydalch Canyon up to Tabby's Peak (6921 ft). From Tabby's we gained the main ridge. Once on the main ridge, there are two (pictured) unnamed features with significant enough prominence that we chose to include them as part of the route. We then gained the high point (Cedar Benchmark - 7712 ft). From the high point, we had a gradual descent on wild horse trails/off trail until running into unprotected (non-wilderness) land shortly before the road to Hastings Pass. We dropped below this land because we thought it might be private. From there, we connected with the road to Hastings Pass for our second food/water drop. After the drop, we climbed out of the canyon and worked our way along the high ridges to Hastings Benchmark (6714 ft). After the benchmark, it is a rolling decent down a ridge line to the North until you reach the end of the wilderness area. Most of this route is off trail with some wild horse trails and road running. We gained the main ridge as soon as we could and made a point to stay high and summit any prominent features before dropping to avoid potential private property.

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