Route: Celo Knob (NC)

North Carolina, US
3 mi

"Celo (pronounced SEE-low) Knob is one of the most remote of our Southern sixers. No matter how you get to the summit, you must either make a climb in excess of 3,000 feet, and/or a long and arduous trek along miles of the most rugged trails in the East."

One route is via Woody Creek Trail.  It is described here (with a map):  Start at the gravel parking area at the end of Shuford Creek Road.  Alex Garcia describes the route to the true summit:  "Start at Woody Ridge trailhead, ascend Woody Ridge (2,985 ft of vert in 2.1 miles), take trail to the Black Mtn Crest Trail, go right, follow the right strand of trail to the true summit of Celo Knob - path is unclear, go 100 ft past overlook to the true summit."

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