Route: Cerro Pintor (Chile)

Submitted by niño.santiago on Sun, 11/15/2020 - 07:24am
Metropolitana de Santiago, CL
13.5 km
Vertical Gain
1,202 m

Cerro Pintor is ~4200m high, near La Parva ski area outside of Santiago.

If you start from the La Parva ski area, you should climb through the Barros Negros sector to Piuquenes, occasionally crossing a gully. The route in this part isn't very clear, and demands very good orientation on the part of hikers. Use as a good reference the rock towers of Cerro Falso Parva, which one can see looking up to the left of the pass. You should reach the area of the pass, just beneath of which is the trail that goes towards the valley of the Molina River, or towards the Valle Nevado ski area.

From the pass, climb Cerro Falsa Parva. This part of the route takes less than an hour, and climbs via whichever of the tracks zig-zag up toward Falsa Parva (on the west and east of the peak). When you reach the summit of Falsa Parva, follow the gently inclining, marked trail which leads in the direction of Cerro Plomo, and which runs along the ridgeline of peaks toward the sumit of Cerro Leonera (See photo 2).

From Falsa Parva (3.740m), in less than 20 minutes you will reach and begin surrounding Cerro La Parva (3.970m), which is on the right side of the trail. Finally, when you reach the pass between Cerro La Parva and Cerro Pintor, follow the track that after several successive switchbacks reaches the summit of Cerro Pintor (4.220m) (See photo 1). From the pass to Cerro Pintor it takes between two and a half hours and three hours, on average.

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